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Playing well with others: interaction design and social design for augmented reality

Format: Oral presentation 45 min | Language: English | Tags: design, social, ubiquity
Speaker: Joe Lamantia | @mojoe

Augmented reality blends the real world and the Internet in real time, making many new kinds of proximity, context, and location based experiences possible for individuals and groups. Despite these many possibilities, we know from history that the long term value and impact of augmented reality for most people will depend on how well these experiences integrate with ordinary social settings, and support everyday interactions. Yet the interaction patterns and behavior we see in current AR experiences seem almost ‘anti-social’ by design. This is an important gap that design must close in order to create successful AR offerings. In other words, much like children going to school for the first time, AR must to learn to ‘play well with others’ to be valuable and successful. This presentation reviews the interaction design patterns common to augmented reality, suggests tools to help understand and improve the ’social maturity’ of AR products and applications, and shares design principles for creating genuinely social augmented experiences that integrate well with human social settings and interactions.

About Joe
Joe Lamantia is an Amsterdam based experience design, technology, and emerging media consultant.  He has fourteen years of success leading the strategy, design and launch of compelling multi-channel user experiences for business, technology, brands, products and services.

Accomplished at all stages of the business, product, and solution lifecycle, Joe builds and manages teams that create premium insights, services and products.  His clients range from the Global Fortune 100 and leading international consumer brands, to start-ups and non-profits, in more than a dozen industries.

An author and frequent speaker, Joe is a recognized thought leader in the international design community.

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