Sessions overview

UX research methods for ubiquitous computing

Format: Oral presentation 45 min | Language: English | Tags: research, ubiquity
Speaker: Stijn Nieuwendijk | valstplat | @stijnn

Ubiquitous computing challenges the field of usability research. How does this field and its classic user research methods evolve due to ubiquitous computing? In this presentation Stijn Nieuwendijk will provide you with insights in how the classic usability set-up is evolving and show new user experience research methods valsplat | usability onderzoek is experimenting with.

About Stijn
Stijn Nieuwendijk is a senior usability specialist and, since 2006, has been engaged in researching the whole user experience of websites at valsplat | usability onderzoek. He also gives regularly lectures and workshops at universities, graduate schools and for partners.

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