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About The Web and Beyond

The Web and Beyond is a biennial two day conference organised by Chi Nederland for the user experience and interaction design community. Since 2006, we have been covering emerging and future trends in UX from both a practitioners and business perspective. Over the years, national and international thought leaders have been educating and inspring our audience of professionals, business stakeholders and UX enthousiasts. For an impression of previous editions check out our websites for 2010, 2008, or 2006.

This year’s theme: Momentum

These days, more than ever, organizations should be obsessed with their customers. If you work with User Experience practitioners (or are one yourself), you already knew that. But thanks to organizations like Forrester and Harvard Business Review, your manager now knows it, and her manager heard about it too. So, what is the next step? How do we make sure that this mass of believers in User-Centered Design gets up-to-speed on what is required, to gain the momentum that we, and more importantly our customers, deserve?

This year’s edition of The Web and Beyond, the biennial business-oriented conference by Chi Nederland, will hand you practical advice on how to get your organization obsessed with customers. Experienced presenters will help you become more professional, accountable and reliable, while staying creative and innovative. Case studies will highlight successful designs by showing that user value equals business value. Fellow practitioners will share their research findings, design processes and tools, and evaluation methods, to help you grow the practice of user experience in your organization. Join us in Amsterdam in September and make an impact!

Team behind The Web and Beyond

This event is organized by a team of volunteers who act on behalf of Chi Nederland, the association promoting Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) in the Netherlands. The team consists of the following people:

Name Role Organisation Twitter
Boyd de Groot Co-Chair & Sponsoring Self-employed LinkedIn
Sanne ‘t Hooft Co-Chair, Planning & Finances Hogeschool van Amsterdam LinkedIn
Peter Boersma Program Chair UX Team of Two LinkedIn
Elma Wolschrijn Program Team User Intelligence LinkedIn
Marjolijn Kuyper Program Team Deltares LinkedIn
Roald Dijkstra Operations Chair Babbletics LinkedIn
Antje Roestenburg Operations Team Roestenburg Design & Development LinkedIn
Jeffrey Kroonstuiver Communication Chair Self-employed LinkedIn
Nick van der Linde Communication Team Mirabeau LinkedIn
Marijn Scholtus Communication Team Thinkbright LinkedIn
Timi Stoop-Alcala Communication Team Social Sense Consultancy LinkedIn

We have been supported by (former) Chi Nederland board members:

We also couldn’t have made it without these people:

And finally the people that you saw most as an attendee: