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People & Process

  • Birgit Geiberger and Peter Boersma
  • Sep 26, 2012
  • English

People in the field of user experience are taught that empathy for the end-user is the holy grail. We believe that, by studying your fellow project team members and identifying their needs, you can develop another type of empathy, one that may prove to be more important for business success.

We will explain the concept of communication styles, help you identify your own style and that of co-workers. By walking you through the extended user experience design process and introducing stereotypes of the people you will meet on the way, we will show you how to adapt your style to others, to ensure you will be heard during the process.

Birgit Geiberger

Birgit Geiberger

freelance Creative Director UX at UX Team of Two

Birgit is a freelance Creative Director UX, enthusiastic about creating harmony between functionality and aesthetics, finding the perfect balance between business and user goals. During her 16 years of professional experience in the US & Europe, Birgit used her strong interpersonal skills and proven leadership ability to help cross-functional and cross-cultural teams in creating a respectful and enjoyable team environment. Birgit is IxDA's Regional Coordinator for Europe & Africa and founder and local leader of the IxDA Hamburg chapter. She presented at national and international conferences, and taught workshops mainly for the news publishing industry.

Peter Boersma

freelance Interaction Designer and Design Process Consultant at UX Team of Two

Peter Boersma (1970) is a freelance interaction designer and process design consultant.
He has over 15 years of experience with designing for complex, interactive, digital systems. He can perform user research and usability evaluations, will identify business opportunities based on stakeholder interviews and competitive research, develops appropriate high-level concepts and documents the resulting designs for the user interfaces. At most of his former employers, he made himself responsible for documenting the design processes, optimizing and promoting them, both inside and outside the organization. He would like to do the same for his clients.
Peter has presented at (and organized) many national and international User Experience conferences. Since 2001, he organizes the Amsterdam UX Cocktail Hours.

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