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UX to customer experience and back again

  • Boon Yew Chew
  • Sep 26, 2012
  • English

Customer Experience (CX) is on the rise, and increasingly, user experience professionals are being tasked to solve CX problems on behalf of marketing, strategy, sales, operations and senior executives. This is good news, but it still takes much effort for both sides to work seamlessly and effectively. As UX practitioners, how can we be more effective in helping businesses realise their customer experience goals?

In this talk, I'll explain why and how UX practitioners need to work alongside CX well if our hope is to impact change within organisations and ultimately to our users and customers; All this while not losing sight of what's core to our craft. Ultimately, we need to be better at translating UX to CX, and back again.


Boon Yew Chew

Information Architect at SapientNitro

Boon is an information architect at SapientNitro and an active member of the London UX community. He draws inspiration from his diverse background which includes software development, R&D, startups and telecoms. Outside the office, he's involved in several UX events in the UK and organises the annual UXCampLondon unconference.

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