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Failing fast for quick wins - The lean UX quick start

  • Chrissy Welsh
  • Sep 26, 2012
  • English

It’s not just lean startups that need to make snap decisions, iterate quickly and adapt... companies in crisis, businesses looking to excel and basic product improvement can all benefit from Lean UX.

So how do you start?

This is not a definitive guide but a quick start to help you fail fast and iterate quickly. I will show you how to “Write the test first” and set out your hypothesis to align check it with your brand. From there I will show you how to wireframe your logic and build it rough and ready. We then consider how to evaluate your hypothesis, what tools you can use and if it works we refine our idea and move it forward. Finally, I outline the importance of never being afraid to scrap anything which doesn’t work.


Chrissy Welsh

Senior UX/UI designer at Cloud9 IDE

Chrissy Welsh is a Senior UX/UI designer for Cloud9 IDE, based in Amsterdam.

She is interested in the potential of ‘bleeding edge’ technologies in user experience design to help make products easy and pleasurable to use. She has over 10 years design experience and has worked with a variety of industries including software development, healthcare and education.

Before Cloud9 IDE, Chrissy was a user interface designer for Vamosa. She designed cloud based monitoring systems, data migration software, client-facing web sites, end-investor tools and internal applications. She started her career in design as an opinionated web developer.
Chrissy has an honours degree in Applied Graphics with Multimedia Technology from Caledonian University, Glasgow, Scotland. When not writing grandiose bios she can be found drinking tea and drawing animals in hats.

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