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Hi TV, I think we need to talk

  • Dean Janssen
  • Sep 26, 2012
  • English

We have been talking about the battle for the living room for what seems like ages now. Content and cable providers, TV set manufacturers and disruptors like Google, Apple and ample startups are now looking at the overnight success of mobile and tablets as proof that reshaping TV as we know it can only be the next logical step. The jury is still out on how we will actually interact with our favorite content and future TV devices (‘Remotes! Touch! Voice! Gestures!’), but make no mistake about it: we’re on the verge of something big and everybody wants in.

In this session Dean will show both UX practitioners and content providers how to not lose their heads in the current interactive TV landscape, focusing on the real innovation and opportunities and bypassing broken interaction and distribution models in a market that’s far from settled and arguably hasn't even properly started yet.


Dean Janssen

Product Designer at Hiro

Dean Janssen has been designing digital services and interfaces since 2005. He is best known for his work on Uitzending Gemist while at Netherlands Public Broadcasting, overseeing the 2010 redesign of the website and launching its sister apps for mobile, tablet and interactive TV. He left early 2012 to found Hiro with his former team members, focusing on multi-platform product design, development and consultancy in lovely Utrecht.

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