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Networked collaborations in international UX research

  • Geke van Dijk
  • Sep 26, 2012
  • Dutch

Service innovation is inspiring a growing demand in exploratory research on the habits, preferences and needs of consumers in various countries, markets and culture. Large international corporations and organisations are increasingly expressing interest in learning more from their customers, and feeding back these insights into their innovation strategies. This brings the challenge of maintaining the right balance between establishing insights that are valid on an international scale, and remaining open and sensitive to local differences.

A contemporary way to conduct this kind of international innovation research is to collaborate with local partners who possess a good understanding of the international scope and strategic interests of international clients, and are also firmly rooted in local culture and language. There are many online tools available that make such collaboration possible. It is relatively easy to operate as a network of independent parties sharing a wealth of materials, ideas and experience. However, using such tools does not necessarily guarantee effective and successful collaboration. It requires a serious investment in developing shared routines, building mutual trust, and being liberal towards one another. Equally important is the development of a shared methodology that enables smooth and efficient teamwork despite tight timelines and budgets.


Geke van Dijk

Strategy Director at STBY

Dr. Geke van Dijk is the founder and Strategy Director of STBY in Amsterdam and London. STBY specialises in Design Research for Service Innovation, and works for a wide cirlce of clients in both business and public sectors. Geke completed her PhD in Computer Sciences with the Open University in the UK.  Her expertise ranges from ethnographic research to user-centred design and services marketing. She is also the initiator and chair of Service Design Netwerk Nederland, and the founder of Reach Network for Global Design Research.

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