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Panel: 10 years of UX in Dutch internet companies

  • Panel: 10 years of UX in Dutch internet companies
  • Sep 26, 2012
  • Dutch

Thijs Vieleers (Funda), Ruud Martens (Independer) en Tjeerd van Zandwijk (Zoover) will discuss how UX is embedded within their organization and what the impact of UX design is on the success of their companies.

Issues that will be discussed:

  • Impact /ROI: What is the impact of UX on the business? How can this impact grow?
  • Organizational: What is the best way to organize UX within a company? How should UX relate to marketing, ICT or others fields? What are the most successful workflows?
  • E-commerce vs Service: is UX differently integrated within companies that are service oriented than in companies that are sales oriented?
  • Dutch: In what way are the sites of the panel members ‘typically Dutch’? How do they differ from sites in the US or other European countries?

This session is moderated by Thomas Hamer (Mirabeau)

Thijs Vieleers

Director Business & Product Development at Funda

After setting up for ING the free internet provider, Freeler, Thijs Vieleers started in 2001 the residential property site,, an initiative of the NVM. In its early years, he was responsible for the user experience design for which which he won several prizes. He later led the web development department, and grew to become the most popular residential property site in the Netherlands. Thijs joined the board in 2007 and is currently the Director of Business and Product Development. Funda has currently 70 employees and ranks among the most successful Internet companies in the Netherlands.

Ruud Martens

Managing Director at Independer

Ruud studied Business Administration at the Technical University of Eindhoven. Afterwards, he worked for four years at ABN AMRO on the development and launch of its successful AIr Miles rewards program. Next stop was New York in 1995, where as Director of In-Store Banking for European American Bank, he created and managed the retail division. After participating in a round-the-world sailing competition in 1999, he came back to the Netherlands and joined the founding members of as a member of the Management Team. Ruud was responsible for operations, business, strategy and innovation, among others. He took on the role of Managing Director in 2001. The continuous pursuit of innovation is Ruud's great passion.

Tjeerd van Zandwijk

marketing manager at Zoover & MeteoVista

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