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Panel: Startups Speak Up

  • Panel: Startups Speak Up
  • Sep 26, 2012
  • English

This panel session, featuring several promising or already successful Dutch startups with strong UX foundations, will try to answer questions such as:
- what does it take to run a design-oriented startup?
- how do you defend design in talks with investors, marketeers, partners?
- when to hire your first designer?
- how does design contribute to your success?
Questions from the audience will be solicited by the moderator; come prepared with your question!


Ruben Timmerman

Founder & Chief User Experience at Springest

Ruben is founder of Springest, currently active in The Netherlands, Germany, UK, Belgium and Russia. Springest helps people grow by bringing together everything you can learn from. Training courses, education programmes, tests, articles, questions, books, events, etc. Users of the learning platform get recommendations, discounts, reviews and create their own "Springest Go" for use within their organisation.
Ruben comes from the world of online marketing and usability research. He wrote articles on UX and conversion on his blog and founded the agency SearchResult.

Paul Veugen

Founder & CEO at Usabilla

Paul founded Usabilla (, the most fun and easy way to collect feedback on a website. His strong focus on product design and excellent customer support helped to grow Usabilla into one of the most used products for design feedback, used by companies like LinkedIN, Facebook, Sony, and Yahoo. Add one line of HTML to your website to add a Usabilla button. Visitors can use the feedback button to give instant visual feedback on top of your webpage. In his current role as founder and evangelist Paul works with the product and marketing team to continuously improve Usabilla's products and helps customers to surprise their users. Paul studied Communication Sciences at Tilburg University. He's an undercover designer, secretly likes spreadsheets, and rides his race bike as much as possible.

Nick Stevens

Entrepeneur and Global Facilitator at Startup Weekend

A British expat living in The Netherlands, Nick has more than a decade of corporate operations management experience, and about half as much again in the small business world. He doesn’t code, but considers himself to be somewhat geeky, with a fascination about UI/UX and is a process/systems thinking nerd. He currently has a profitable B2B startup and several other ventures. He joined Startup Weekend because he loves to enable creative people to chase their dreams.

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