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An online service for an offline audience

  • Peter Boermans
  • Sep 26, 2012
  • Dutch

Olery develops easy-to-use tools for monitoring online reputation in the hospitality industry. By monitoring what’s being said on social media and online hotel reviews, including real-time feedback from guests, we provide actionable insights in a timesaving manner. In this highly competitive market, our products are often cited for their simplicity and effectiveness.

The main challenge in this kind of business lies in the fact that a development team – without any background in the hospitality industry – must design products for a sector that works with people and not computers. Our clients don’t want yet another software package, but rather, actionable insights that can be readily put into practice. How does one develop such a design process?


Peter Boermans

CPO & Co-Founder at Olery

Prior to founding Olery, Peter was Creative Director of Concepts of Realisation, an online concept agency where he was responsible for the concept and design of a variety of client projects for including KPN. Peter was a visual designer in Milan and Dubai.

In 1998, Peter launched his first start-up, a web design & development company while finishing high school. Peter attended the Rotterdam School of Management and holds a Bachelor Degree in Fashion Technology from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute with a specialization in concept and branding.

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