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Get Agile - UberScrum for UX, design & development

  • Pieter Jongerius
  • Sep 26, 2012
  • English

Lean UX requires teamwork, and lots of it. One of the hardest parts of doing Lean UX in a multidisciplinary environment is, well, staying alive.  Scrumming in one room with a product owner, UX- and visual designers, editors, and front- and back-end developers, is challenging to say the least. We have respectfully come to call this form of scrum ÜberScrum.

In this talk, Pieter Jongerius will share his best-kept scrumming secrets with everyone (preferably with some experience in scrumming so we can skip the basics). What tools, what deliverables and what rhythms should you use to actually succeed in designing & developing at the same time? What are known pitfalls and key success factors?

Fabrique has been using scrum since 2009. Some 60 team members have scrummed well over 30,000 hours for clients such as Albert Heijn, 9292 and Supertrash.


Pieter Jongerius

Partner at Fabrique

Pieter Jongerius is a partner at the Dutch design agency, Fabrique. Pieter has been a pioneer of using Scrum in design and development projects. He was involved in Scrum projects for clients in the retail and fashion industries amongst others, and is also the author and editor-in-chief of the handbook, “Get Agile – Scrum for UX, design & development”.

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