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Searching for successful approaches in the Lean-UX practice

  • Taco Ekkel
  • Sep 26, 2012
  • English

With the arrival of Lean UX, product organizations have learned to embrace constant change. This has turned the long desired cooperation between business, design, and development into reality.

But the practice can be unruly. If design deliverables are thrown out the window, what takes its place? If change becomes real-time, how do you maintain consistency in vision and direction, and how do you make space to the core activity of design: the exploration of possible futures?

These and other related questions will be explored based on interviews with designers and makers of products and services, from whom we sought out experiences and successful approaches.

Taco Ekkel

Taco Ekkel

VP Product Design at ProQuest

Taco Ekkel, computer scientist by education, turned to design early on. Now a serial online product developer, Taco leads teams of designers, developers and analysts into bringing products from zero to market using lean startup methodologies. He also advises startups around product and design processes and strategy.

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