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Designing visual persuasion

  • Wouter Middendorf
  • Sep 25 2012, 09:30 - 13:00
  • Dutch
  • Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Be obsessed with the customer and become more professional, responsible and reliable, while we remain creative and innovative. This is what we at The Web And Beyond, and in this workshop, would like to achieve using Insights.

Everything revolves around the customer — the user — in interaction design. But in digital interfaces such as websites there is more than just interaction. Once things become visual it seems the designer tends to forget the user and starts to run purely on intuition. The main focus shifts to making the design look awesome. Unfortunately intuition is not always true and it is often difficult to intuitively explain decisions.

In this workshop we work with inSights, a design tool made by Fabrique, which contains 60 practical principles for making designs persuasive on a visual level. We will work with the use of visual persuasion on our own designs, but will also focus on the present and substantiated (taken intuitively) design decisions using the tool.

You may want to bring:

    • Your own website/app/etc. design documentation, if you would like to work on a personal case during the workshop;
    • A laptop if you want to design using a computer.
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Wouter Middendorf

Interactie Ontwerper at Fabrique

Wouter Middendorf (graduated from the Middle East Technical University and the Delft University of Technology) calls himself a Creative Engineer, but his business card says he’s an interaction designer for Fabrique [brands, design and interaction], a multidisciplinary design studio in Delft, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Wouter is primarily responsible for designing websites, apps, and digital interfaces. He has a lot of experience and knowledge in the field of creating awareness among web designers regarding visual persuasion on websites. His experience combined with a year of scientific research resulted in the design tool called inSights. inSights has been sold all over the world ever since its release February this year.

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