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Impressions: The Web and Beyond 2010

We’re trying to compile reviews, posts and other impressions on The Web and Beyond 2010. Please add any source we’ve missed in the Comments area and we’ll add it to the list.

We’re working hard to get the videos online. Hopefully we’ll publish something early next week.

Dutch Cowgirls
Social 3.0: Persoonlijke data is van ons, niet van Facebook
Placemaking: Maak ontwerpen waarin mensen zich thuis voelen
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Johnny Holland
The Web and Beyond report – day 1
Proximity Wormholes: How the Social Web Enables Intimacy at Scale
From Pancakes to Pyramids – An Interview with Josephine Green
When Data Gets Up Close and Personal

Marketing Facts
TWAB2010: Proximity

The Web and Beyond 2010: Proximity (extensive report in Dutch)

Other impressions
INFORMAATERS Blikken Terug op TWAB 2010 (DdUX)
Verslag The web and beyond 2010 – proximity (
The web and beyond 2010: Proximity (Usertopia)
Stephen Anderson’s Mental Notes (Monkeys with typewriters)
All hail the pancake! (Monkeys with typewriters)
The Web and Beyond 2010: the day after (Backbase)
The Web and Beyond 2010: the day after (Jelmer de Jong)
The Web and Beyond 2010: Proximity (valsplat)
The Web and Beyond 2010 (Dancing Uphill)

How to create persuasive, context-driven services - Iskander Smith
UX methods for ubiqitous computing – valsplat
The art and craft of being elsewhere – Andrea Resmini
The human interface – Christopher Fahey
Social design for augmented reality – Joe Lamantia
When data gets up close and personal – Stephen Anderson

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