all (21) business (5) design (10) psychology (8) social (11) research (8) ubiquity (10)

Full conference schedule

Main conference hall 750 seats

Bimhuis 200 seats

Bamzaal 100 seats


Opening session

Sanne ‘t Hooft, Peter Boersma and Berry Eggen


Proximus Maximus: Design Imperatives from the Roman Empire to the NASA Space Program and Beyond Keynote

Michael Meyer CEO at Adaptive Path


Coffee break


New User Experience Research Methods for Ubiquitous Computing

Stijn Nieuwendijk valsplat

The Art and Craft of Being elsewhere

Andrea Resmini FatDUX

Playing Well With Others: Interaction Design and Social Design For Augmented Reality

Joe Lamantia

How to Create Persuasive, Context-driven Services

Iskander Smit


Managerial Implications of a Zip-filed World

Jemima Gibbons iKnowHow

Social 3.0

Steven Pemberton CWI / W3C

Research Into Smart Device for Listening to Music in Traffic

Guido Hermans Industrial designer

Global Usability Testing in Parking Meter Design

Wouter Sluis-Thiescheffer User Intelligence


Lunch break


The Human Interface (Why Products are People too)

Christopher Fahey Behavior

Monitoring Patients with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Nynke Spijksma, Javed-Vassilis Khan Marina de Wolf Hospital Centre for Anxiety Disorders, Eindhoven University of Technology

People as Content

Anton Nijholt University of Twente


When Data Gets Up Close and Personal

Stephen Anderson

Improving Resilience in Urban Search and Rescue Missions by Smart Information Exchange

Mark Neerincx Delft University of Technology

Connected Care: Supporting Caregivers Through Awareness Displays

Martijn Vastenburg Delft University of Technology

Virtual nurse visits in tele-healthcare systems

Lydia Meesters Eindhoven University of Technology


Coffee break


Proximity Wormholes: How the Social Web Enables Intimacy at Scale

Lee Bryant Headshift

Social Shopper

Wouter Teeuw, Geke Ludden Saxion University of Applied Technology, Novay

Close to Robots: Human Responses to Collaboration with Robots

Vanessa Evers University of Amsterdam


Convene in main conference hall


Transition IOP-MMI - Chi Nederland Ceremonial speech

René Collier, Sander Leer


Engaging with the Future Differently - From Pyramids to Pancakes Keynote

Josephine Green Speaker and consultant at Beyond 20: 21st century stories


Conference closing


Closing drinks presented by Informaat (doors close at 18:30)