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Proximus Maximus: Design Imperatives from the Roman Empire to the NASA Space Program and Beyond Keynote With his insider's view of the design world, Michael will frame the business and organizational imperatives for the new millennium by reviewing the lessons of history from the Roman times to the NASA Space Program. Michael Meyer CEO, Adaptive Path
Engaging With the Future Differently – From Pyramids to Pancakes Keynote An international leader in Social Foresight for Strategy and Innovation, Josephine will show us ways to decentralise and distribute innovation, strategy and design. Josephine Green Speaker and consultant at Beyond 20: 21st century stories
Close to Robots: Human responses to collaboration with robots Vanessa will present insights in how people perceive and trust robots, the ways human attitudes toward robots are influenced, and international differences in human responses to social robots. Vanessa Evers University of Amsterdam
Boekenmarkt ComputerCollectief What's a conference without a book fair? Take your pick from ComputerCollectief's diverse book collection. ComputerCollectief
Connected Care: Supporting Caregivers Through Awareness Displays Martijn will present findings from two design explorations into the use of awareness displays to support both caregivers and care clients. Martijn Vastenburg TU Delft
Floorbook Demo Robbert and Suleman will demo an application that encourages social contact on the work floor by providing information about colleagues and their activities. Robbert Elshout, Suleman Shahid Tilburg University
GeoTherm, a proximity-based thermostat Poster Henri and Arjan will present GeoTherm, a self-learning internet-connected thermostat that uses the proximity of paired mobile phones of household members to determine automatically when it can lower or should raise the temperature setting. Henri ter Hofte and Arjan Peddemors Novay
Global Usability Testing in Parking Meter Designs Wouter will share how global tests for new parking meters were conducted, the challenges of global user research , and how it can contribute to creating better products and happy parkers. Wouter Sluis-Thiescheffer User Intelligence
How to Create Persuasive, Context-driven Services Iskander will show us principles for creating new context driven service ecosystems, illustrated with examples from design interaction practices. Iskander Smit
Improving Resilience in Urban Search and Rescue Missions by Smart Information Exchange Poster Demo This demo will feature the interface designed for improving urban search and rescue capabilities and resilience. Marc Grootjen, Tjerk de Greef, Mark Neerincx, Jasper Lindenberg TU Delft, TNO Human Factors
Improving Resilience in Urban Search and Rescue Missions by Smart Information Exchange Mark will summarize the domain analyses results, the corresponding user interface designs, and first tests of the support functions for improving urban search and rescue capabilities and resilience. Mark Neerincx TU Delft
KidzFrame: An Innovative System Connecting Working Parents With Their Children at a Daycare Center Demo Kidzframe helps parents keep in touch with their offspring via short text messages and photos of their children while at the daycare center. Javed Khan, Barbaros Metin KidzFrame
Managerial Implications of a Zip-filed World What does real-time, always-on global connectivity mean for business leaders in practice? Jemima looks at the use of social tools in the corporate world and the managerial approaches that have succeeded or failed. Jemima Gibbons iKnowHow
Opening Session Sanne, Peter and Berry kick off this year's edition of The Web and Beyond and will get the discussions on proximity off the ground. Sanne ‘t Hooft, Peter Boersma and Berry Eggen
People as Content Anton will look deeper into non-cooperative behaviour and its many uses from both the point of view of a smart environment, and that of human partners, users, or inhabitants of smart environments. Anton Nijholt University of Twente
Playing Well With Others: Design for Augmented Reality Joe will review interaction design patterns common to augmented reality, suggest tools to improve the 'social maturity' of AR, and shares design principles for creating genuinely social augmented experiences. Joe Lamantia
Practical Demo of a Global Parking Meter Usability Test Poster Researchers from User Intelligence will show off the test set-up that was used in a global usability study into parking meter design and discuss their findings. Martijn Klompenhouwer, Paula Deisz, Mark Kassteen User Intelligence
Proximity Wormholes: How The Social Web Enables Intimacy at Scale Lee will show how proximity changes in the social web, and how we can adapt and cope with these changes, given that our own cognitive powers evolve more slowly than the tools we use to connect and communicate. Lee Bryant Headshift
Research Into Smart Device For Listening to Music in Traffic Guido will elaborate on users needs need and functionality of a smart device that allows listening to music in traffic while still being aware of the environment. Guido Hermans Industrial Designer
Scottie: remotely connected DemoScottie is a research and design project of Waag Society supported by the GATE project of NWO and ICT Regie. Scottie provides hospitalized children the possibility of feeling connected without having to use words. Will remote play with loved ones contribute to feeling connected? Betty Bonn Waag Society
SnowGlobe: An Awareness System to Support Social Connectedness Poster The SnowGlobe awareness system supports passive awareness of movement in the living room between two users by changing displayed light and snowflake intensity. Thomas Visser TU Delft
Social 3.0 Steven will introduce new technologies that would allow us to arrange our social networks in different ways so that the data belongs to us. He'll discuss how they affect our interactions online and how we can adopt such technologies. Steven Pemberton CWI/W3C
Social Shopper Wouter and Geke will outline a number of social media driven changes taking place on the Web, what they mean for consumers' purchase behaviour, the shopping process, store concept and the store layout. Wouter Teeuw, Geke Ludden Saxion University of Applied Technology, Novay
Social Tools and Ideas For Knowledge Exchange in Websites and Projects Workshop Poster Want to add social features to your site, application, or project that would facilitate knowledge sharing? If you want to learn best practices and are looking for solutions for that could be exported to the business environment, then this workshop's for you. Silvia Calvet, Magda Aliana Calvet Vila & Arriaga Consulting
The Art and Craft of Being Elsewhere The Web and similar digital spaces have to be "places" in order to provide satisfying experiences. Andrea will discuss design rules for location, action, space and time that allow for successful place-making. Andrea Resmini FatDUX
The Human Interface (Why Products are People, Too) Chris will explore diverse areas of non-digital human experience (language, storytelling, neurology and sociology) to frame and showcase some of the most exciting current and emerging user experience design practices on the web and other media. Christopher Fahey Behavior
The use of a smartphone to monitor and advise patients with obsessive-compulsive disorders Nynke and Javed will elaborate on ways to understand and help patients suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) using a website, a smartphone and a database. Nynke Spijksma, Javed-Vassilis Khan Marina de Wolf Hospital Centre for Anxiety Disorders, Eindhoven University of Technology
Transition IOP-MMI - Chi Nederland
Ceremonial speech
This brief session highlights the Chi Nederland and IOP-MMI's complementary relationship and their shared objective: the growth and success of the Dutch HCI field.
Rene Collier, Sander Leer Agentschap NL, HAN University, Chi Nederland
UX Design in Agile Development Demo Poster Jasper presents his findings on how the Agile method is utilised by some of the leading Dutch web bureaus in user experience design. Jasper Oudenaarden SizeDesign
UX Research Methods For Ubiquitous Computing Ubiquitous computing challenges the field of usability research. Stijn will talk about the evolution of the classic usability set-up and show new user experience research methods that valsplat is experimenting with. Stijn Nieuwendijk valsplat
Virtual Nurse Visits In Tele-healthcare Systems Lydia discusses how tele-care systems create a feeling of proximity between patient and tele-nurse and describes functional and non-functional guidelines for tele-care systems with virtual nurse visits. Lydia Meesters Eindhoven University of Technology
When Data Gets Up Close and Personal From 'games' like the the Wii Fit to home devices that monitor energy usage, Stephen believes data can change us for the better. He will show us how to expose data in a way that influences change. Stephen Anderson PoetPainter, Mental Notes

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