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Sep 26

Royal Tropical Institute

Mauritskade 63
1092 AD Amsterdam

The conference was an all-day event, starting at 09:30 (registration starts at 08:45) and ending at 17:20, followed by drinks until 18:30. Lunch and refreshments were provided during breaks. The opening and closing keynote presentations were plenary sessions. All slots in-between featured 3 sessions happening in parallel, with a mix of English and Dutch sessions.

Grote Zaal / Main Hall 450 seats

Mauritszaal / Mauritshall 100 seats

Indonesië Zaal / Indonesia Hall 90 seats


09:30 - Conference opening


09:45 - Grote Zaal / Main Hall

Get Lucky: How to put planned serendipity to work for you and your business EnglishKeynote

Lane BeckerAuthor


10:30 - Coffee break


11:00 - Grote Zaal / Main Hall

Buying into service design - combining the money and the magic Dutch

Erik Roscam Abbing Zilver Innovation

11:00 - Mauritszaal / Mauritshall

ABN AMRO. Banking reinvented Dutch

Gijs Burgmeijer IceMobile

11:00 - Indonesië Zaal / Indonesia Hall

Failing fast for quick wins - The lean UX quick start English

Chrissy Welsh Cloud9 IDE

11:25 - Grote Zaal / Main Hall

Service design and the ideal client: a needle in a haystack Dutch

Marc Fonteijn 31Volts

11:25 - Mauritszaal / Mauritshall

An online service for an offline audience Dutch

Peter Boermans Olery

11:25 - Indonesië Zaal / Indonesia Hall

Embrace uncertainty: building a UX process for an Agile world English

Tom Illmensee and Bogdan Stanciu Snagajob


11:45 - Move around


11:50 - Grote Zaal / Main Hall

Tablets and the Age of Comfortable Computing EnglishKeynote

Rachel HinmanNokia Research

11:50 - Mauritszaal / Mauritshall

Customer journeys: looking beyond the Internet Dutch

Martin Groen Virtual Affairs

11:50 - Indonesië Zaal / Indonesia Hall

Remote unmoderated user testing, do’s & dont’s Dutch

Lonneke Spinhof Humix

12:15 - Mauritszaal / Mauritshall

Service blueprints as an indispensable step towards successful digital services Dutch

Susanne van Mulken Informaat

12:15 - Indonesië Zaal / Indonesia Hall

Networked collaborations in international UX research Dutch

Geke van Dijk STBY

12:35 - 12:35

Lunch break


13:30 - Grote Zaal / Main Hall

Hi TV, I think we need to talk English

Dean Janssen Hiro

13:30 - Mauritszaal / Mauritshall

Tablets and kids: creative opportunities with apps empowering young children English

Wouter Sluis-Thiescheffer, Brian Pagán User Intelligence

13:30 - Indonesië Zaal / Indonesia Hall

Panel: Startups speak up English

Ruben Timmerman Springest Paul Veugen Usabilla Nick Stevens (moderator) Startup Weekend

13:55 - Grote Zaal / Main Hall

Designing intriguing interactions: beyond usability and aesthetics English

Thomas Visser Essense, ID-Studiolab


14:15 - Move around


14:20 - Grote Zaal / Main Hall

"Siri, did I leave the oven on?" - designing for connected homes EnglishKeynote

Claire Rowland

14:20 - Mauritszaal / Mauritshall

Get Agile - UberScrum for UX, design & development English

Pieter Jongerius Fabrique

14:20 - Indonesië Zaal / Indonesia Hall

UX to customer experience and back again English

Boon Yew Chew SapientNitro

14:45 - Mauritszaal / Mauritshall

Searching for successful approaches in the Lean-UX practice English

Taco Ekkel ProQuest

14:45 - Indonesië Zaal / Indonesia Hall

People & process English

Peter Boersma, Birgit Geiberger UX Team of Two


15:05 - Tea break


15:35 - Grote Zaal / Main Hall

Panel: 10 years of UX in Dutch internet companies Dutch

Thijs Vieleers Funda Ruud Martens Independer Tjeerd van Zandwijk Zoover Thomas Hamer (moderator) Mirabeau

15:35 - Mauritszaal / Mauritshall

Designing embedded media experiences English

Koen van Turnhout, Sander Leer, Emiel Ruis HAN, mielwerk

15:35 - Indonesië Zaal / Indonesia Hall

When colleagues evolve into UX experts Dutch

Sander de Groot, Miranda de Groot Reed Business

16:00 - Mauritszaal / Mauritshall

Transactive memory and distributed knowledge: making digital experiences more memorable English

Mark Zeh Mark Zeh Innovation

16:00 - Indonesië Zaal / Indonesia Hall

This is the moment for content Dutch

Bas Evers Informaat


16:20 - Move around


16:25 - Grote Zaal / Main Hall

Make it so: Apologizing for bad sci-fi UI EnglishKeynote

Chris Noessel Cooper

17:10 - Grote Zaal / Main Hall

Award ceremony Gerrit van der Veer Scriptieprijs


17:20 - Grote Zaal / Main Hall

Conference closing


17:25 - Main voyer

Closing drinks