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When colleagues evolve into UX experts

  • Miranda de Groot and Sander de Groot
  • Sep 26, 2012
  • Dutch

User Experience has undergone a real evolution at B2B publisher, Reed Business (part of Reed Elsevier). In the last three years, we have focused on evangelising our colleagues on user experience, so much so that in the process, they have been transformed into customer needs experts themselves. With good preparation and proper guidance, they are able to conduct UX-research and interviews, which in turn, increasingly evokes greater commitment from our customers. This has enhanced our ability to make successful and customer-oreinted business decisions.

Our presentation will focus, in particular, on the Customer Experience Program that we developed for one of our traget groups. We will share the methods used, including mapping of internal and external customer experience, creating a customer journey map, and implementing action plans. After 20 minutes, you will have an example of a concrete program, plus tips on how to implement this program in your organization.


Miranda de Groot

User Experience Lead at Data Solution Group at Reed Business

User Experience Lead at the Data Solution Group at Reed Business since 3 years. 10 Years of experience in UX and CX. Evangelist, user researcher and tester, always on a quest to get the focus on the customer.

Sander de Groot

Publishing Director at Data Solution Group at Reed Business

Publishing Director at Reed Business for the Data Solutions Group, Champion for UX.

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